I have founded Arco Design Studio in 1989 and act on the basis of entry in the register of entrepreneurs in Gdynia. I have graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1980.

I obtained the construction license in GPB Gdansk construction company, where I finished work as deputy construction manager and the design license - after 5 years of work in Design Office MIASTOPROJEKT Gdansk.

The designs are developed in collaboration with the architectural and discipline-specific design offices, and since 2008have also been cooperating with my daughter Joanna, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of Gdansk University of Technology. The scope of our activities includes development of multidiscipline designs of any kind of projects, representing the Investor in the offices and institutions for the purpose of obtaining building permits, and putting the completed objects into use and act as a building control inspector or a substitute investor. In all cases, Arco Design Studio is responsible to the investor for the entire design process.